Our Studio

Align Studio was founded in order to provide high quality classical and contemporary instruction and training to Lexington, Fayette county and the Blue Grass community.  Located in the heart of  Lexington adjacent to Nicholasville Rd.  Align Studio is a fully equipped, comfortable and friendly client-centered studio.

You’ll find a wide range of classical private and group equipment and mat classes for every level of ability. Our studio contains a full compliment of Balanced Body Pilates equipment including reformers, towers, trapeze table (Cadillac), combo chairs, and a step barrel. We also incorporate tools such as jump boards, rollers, magic rings, and small balls into our sessions.

Our space is filled with good energy, and the best Pilates equipment on the market from Balanced Body. We have a trapeze table (Cadillac), Reformers, Reformers with Towers, and chairs with mirrors on the walls so you can check your form. There is a bathroom stocked with goods for you to get ready on the run. The studio is a warm, comfortable, casual environment where you’ll want to meet up for a class and hang out with friends afterwards.

Our original studio space is our Reformer class studio at 145 Burt Rd. #14.  We have 2 additional Reformer class studios at Burt Rd #10 and #15.  We have 3-4 private studios at #8,#9, and #11. All the same address. There is also plenty of free parking in front of all the studios.