New to Pilates

Curious about Pilates?  And the difference it can make in your life?   Join us for our FREE 30 minute introduction to Pilates.*




If you have never been to Pilates class before, it may be a bit intimidating to see all the equipment.  The classes tone and firm up the entire body, with special emphasis on the core. The springs can be adjusted to different resistance levels to whatever is right for you. We want you to walk away with an energized wow feeling.

Pilates doesn’t stress your body in the ways that lifting weights or other workout methods may, this is why everyone can do it. Your bones will strengthen, muscles will tone and firm, and you will look fit. But, most of all, as you work out and begin to feel better physically, we hope you will also begin to feel better mentally. You’ll stand taller, move with grace and most importantly, feel great.


Wear comfortable workout clothes that you feel ok sweating in. You’ll be laying down some of the time (yes, laying down and working out!) with your hands or legs in the air so make sure your clothes move with you. Bare feet give you better grip for some of the exercises.

*Our Intro to Pilates session is open to new clients only and on your first visit only.

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